Aussie Foods to Try

I just heard an interesting phrase: “Tucker Time.” I think this means mealtime or snack time or something. Anyway, here are some Australian foods that have been recommended to us to try while here. We’ll try to find out what they are (if it’s not obvious), and then if we try them, we’ll post our reactions.

Apparently it’s eaten quite a lot here, as the animal is very plentiful. 

A spread made primarily of brewer’s yeast, usually put on toast or crumpets; reputation of being something you have to grow up eating in order to like.

We’ve both had it once, but let’s give it another shot. Naomi has never had it, but did get a lot of brewer’s yeast slipped into her baby food earlier in life … maybe she’ll like it?


Native Australian plant. 

Bush tomatoes
Native Australian plant. 

Chicken salt
Mentioned in context of fish and chips, as a condiment on the chips.

While Vegemite is actually British, I believe this is a solely Australian thing – a square of white sponge cake covered in chocolate icing and sprinkled with coconut. 

Shapes – Pizza or BBQ flavored
I’ve heard multiple Americans mention that they like these (one especially recommended the Italian Woodfired pizza shapes in the blue box…?) 

Mangoes (Bowen & Kensington Pride varieties)

Australian burgers (with pineapple ring/beet/fried egg)

Thai, African and Turkish food

Coles brand tomato sauce

Not solely an Aussie thing (we also lived on it in Europe), but something we enjoy and are eating almost daily here. Naomi loves it too (because it has raisins in it). It’s a mix between oats and granola. It’s like granola in the sense that it has all kinds of dried fruits, seeds, nuts and other twiggy things mixed into it; it’s NOT like granola in that instead of clumpy, sweet, hard clusters of granola, it’s just oats.

Meat pie
Does it count that we tried one at Costco? Heard that the chicken curry pie is esp. good.

Sausage roll

Tried it on our pizza at Costco – definitely tasted spicier and different. Also more pink in color. Thumbs up, though not something we’ll be aching for when we go home.

VB or Carlton Beer
Neither of us is much of a beer fan, but maybe we should try these anyway. 


Chicken schnitzel
I (Katie) see this in the meat section of almost every grocery store and don’t understand the draw. It just looks like a flat chicken breast with breadcrumbs coating it. Maybe we should try it and find out.

Ham & cheese danishes from Baker’s Delight

Kaffir Lime Pork

Obviously obtainable in the US, but so inexpensive and sweet and large here! Yummy! We eat it all the time. Except eating it all the time makes you realize how acidic it is… or maybe it’s more acidic here. Naomi can’t handle a whole one at a time.

I keep wondering if Naomi would enjoy snacking on these.

We bought some. They’re meant to be eaten like large Shredded Wheat biscuits in the US – put them in a bowl, pour milk on them and break them up and eat them like cereal. I found them not filling enough when eaten like that (basically like Special K or corn flakes but wispier). Naomi however loves them as a snack – I think because they are so easy for her to bite into and chew. So that’s how we most used them, except they create quite a mess. See Exhibit A:

This doesn't let you see the seat of her stroller after she got up, which was at least twice as covered in crumbs.

Flat Whites
A way of ordering coffee (like a latte with no foam?)


Visit Red Rooster and order pumpkin as a side dish

Freddo Frogs, Violet Crumbles and Cherry Ripes (candy)

Lemon lime bitters

A Thai soup.

Boab tree nuts
Someone said they had chocolate-covered ones that were really good.

Lime & Cracked Pepper potato chips (Red Rock Deli brand)


Wirra Wirra Church Block

Caramel Slice

Fish that is supposed to be really good here.

Shrimp on the barbie
aka. BBQ’d shrimp. An aussie speciality.