A Rose By Any Other Name…

Posted by on June 12, 2011

So far, in my perusing around maps of Sydney to see some highlights we might want to see or do while there, I have found myself just as fascinated reading the names of spots on the map, just to say the words out loud and hear what they sound like. Some of my personal favorites thus far:


Hen and Chicken Bay (which is just beside Breakfast Point, and across from Kissing Point Park)

Wooloomooloo (a town near central Sydney)

Barangaroo (also a town)

Woolahra (ditto)

Darling Harbor


Other fun names around town:


Bronte (town)

Tennyson Point

Wollstonecraft (town)

Chippendale (town)

Balls Head Bay

Snails Bay

Cockatoo Island, Spectacle Island, Goat Island, Shark Island

Little Sirius Cove

Point Piper

Field of Mars Cemetary

Caloola Reserve (park)

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