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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

We arrived home last Friday (on 11/11/11!). Adjusting back has been somewhat easier than expected – a 21-hour time difference between CA and NZ sounds horrible, but when you realize our days are in 24 hour cycles… this means our bodies only have 3 hours of adjusting to do in terms of the time of … Continue reading »

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Qtown Adventures: Paragliding

If you want to skip the story and just watch the 4-minute video I made of my experience paragliding, scroll to the bottom of this post. After Naomi’s adventure on a bungee trampoline Wednesday morning, I was scheduled for a paragliding flight that afternoon. I was really excited, as this is something I’ve wanted to … Continue reading »

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Qtown Adventures: Bungee Trampoline

On Wednesday, Naomi and I each had our own adventure. Daniel’s got canceled, but he made up for it by going out down to Milford Sound for the day and taking pictures of waterfalls and penguins. (See the post and video about my paragliding adventure┬áhere.) Naomi’s adventure took place in the morning: jumping on a … Continue reading »

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Hello from New Zealand!

Just a quick post right now, seeing as we finally have Internet after a HUGE deprivation which lasted … 3 days? Oh my. That’s not actually very long and I can’t explain to you what an eternity it has felt like. Pitiful. I guess it’s harder when my main creative outlet requires Internet (blogging) and … Continue reading »

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