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The drawbacks of your toddler waking up for the day at 5 am are obvious. One benefit, however – at least this morning – was that we got to hear a kookaburra, belting out his song long and loud in the darkness. Pretty cool. Naomi stopped, mid-pear, and just listened, and then laughed – she … Continue reading »

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Zoo, Take Two

So finally today, Naomi and I visited the zoo and it was a beautiful sunny day! A mom I’d met at church had invited us to meet her and her 2 year old daughter Audrey at the zoo this morning. I was a bit anxious the day before – we were going to have to … Continue reading »

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Sydney Harbour on Blue – Panorama

This evening we decided to eat dinner down by the water along a short walkway down the hill from our apartment. It was a wonderful place to enjoy our meal while listening to the lazy waves and watching the city lights come to life as the sun faded. I was bummed I hadn’t brought my … Continue reading »

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Today’s Adventures

We went to church this morning. It was great by the way: we were all able to go together (unlike last week when we kept Naomi home because she had a fever, so Daniel and I took turns going to different services). Naomi had fun at creche, and we even got to stay for longer … Continue reading »

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So much for weather forecasts here – last week I planned to take Naomi to the zoo on the sunniest day of the week, but it turned out to be the wettest day of the week. Today it was supposed to be 70 and sunny, so we were planning to take a ferry ride along … Continue reading »

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North Sydney Olympic Swimming Pool

So I just accomplished one thing I wanted to do while here: I swam laps in the North Sydney Olympic Swimming Pool. I was so excited when I discovered that the closest swimming pool to our apartment was actually Sydney’s most iconic pool: I’ll be honest: initially (at home) I thought to myself, “Wow! This … Continue reading »

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Cross-Cultural Field Trip to the ER? No thank you.

I’m very relieved to tell you about a cross-cultural experience we did NOT have to have a couple nights ago, and that is a trip to the emergency room. We decided to take dinner out onto the patio, where sits a fairly flimsy plastic table with 2 chairs – one broken, one not. We moved … Continue reading »

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Photos from our First Two Weeks

We’ve posted a set of photos from our first 2 weeks here on

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Does it mean something if the Wikipedia entry for “culture shock” brought me a strange sense of comfort?

I feel like I owe it to my soul to say something on here about culture shock. And not just my soul – I think my stomach would also appreciate it if I spoke up rather than continuing my rather indecorous streak of stress eating. I sort of alluded to my culture shock in my … Continue reading »

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It’s one thing to be excited about taking public transit everywhere… Walking everywhere is great exercise! We don’t have to pay for gas! It’s so beautiful to take the ferry under the Harbour Bridge! Naomi doesn’t have to be strapped into a car seat! No traffic! Ahhhhh!!! But it’s another thing to have no car … Continue reading »

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