Zoo with Nana

Backlogged Day 4 of Nana/Papa visit. After our fun weekend, Daniel went back to work and the rest of us tried not to rub it in too much that we were either (a) on vacation (my parents), (b) working a job that lets us go outside and explore the city (me), or (c) so young … Continue reading »

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Springing Ahead

Yesterday was unexpectedly Daylight Savings here in Australia. We had absolutely no clue, except that our computers are both smarter than we are, so when we noticed that they had jumped ahead an hour in about the middle of the day, we were baffled. The mystery began several weeks ago when we were booking a … Continue reading »

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Festival of Winds at Bondi Beach

This blog is in serious need of some Ex-lax. I’m having trouble remembering back two whole weeks to all the fun things we did when my parents were here, but it’s simply got to move along because it’s getting very behind. So here goes. Day 3 of Nana and Papa’s visit we took the train … Continue reading »

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Harbour Bridge Climb

When he heard she was coming to visit us in Sydney, my mom’s boss dared her to climb the Harbour Bridge. When news of this reached Daniel and I, we immediately wanted in. So last Wednesday, the day before we left for 6 days in the Great Barrier Reef, all 4 of us (my stepdad … Continue reading »

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National RUOK Day

Just learned something new today, and had a mystery solved at the same time. The first day my parents were here two weeks ago, while walking home from the park we were delighted to see a plane writing something in the sky. I always love sky writing – wondering what they’re going to say, watching … Continue reading »

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Date Night at the Opera House

The highlight of the “us” time afforded to us by having the grandparents visit, was Daniel’s and my date night last Monday. Our 10th anniversary is coming up next month, but since we won’t have child care on our anniversary, we decided to celebrate early. We had gotten tickets to see a symphony at the … Continue reading »

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Tap tap. Is this thing on?

So I guess by now you’ve figured that either we’re dead, or we have been really enjoying grandparent time, seeing as we basically haven’t touched the blog in 2 weeks. (It’s the latter, in case you were worried that there are blogs in the after life.) We just got home a few hours ago from the … Continue reading »

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Enter Grandparents

Nana & Papa are here! (For those of you who don’t know, that is my mom and stepdad.) They arrived on Friday morning and will be here for 2 weeks. This is awesome on multiple levels. 1. It’s good to see them. 2. It’s good to see anyone from home! 3. It’s especially good to see Naomi … Continue reading »

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Traveling Salesman, Minus Dwight & Michael

Part of my job here in Australia is sales, which I find somewhat amusing since that’s one of the things I thought I’d never do in my life. Fortunately I’ve watched The Office so I know how to do sales right. In fact, my first sales trip was a bit like an episode from that … Continue reading »

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The Farmer Wants a Wife

I have to confess that I like a little reality TV in my life. I’m not talking about most of the shows  out there that might come to mind first, consumed with backbiting and stealing other people’s boyfriends. I honestly don’t even know the names of most of those shows, or what happens in them, because … Continue reading »

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