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Sydney Harbour Panorama by Day & by Night

You can click on a photo for a bigger version.

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An Ikea is an Ikea is an Ikea

Thursday morning Daniel needed to do some work so Naomi and I walked 5 minutes to a park we’d seen a few days before. It was interesting to be around the toddler/mom/park scene in Australia. Pretty much the same as the toddler/mom/park scene in America, except for the curly accent, and the fact that they’re … Continue reading »

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Creche? You mean like a Nativity scene?

I went to a women’s bible study this morning. This past Sunday Daniel, Naomi and I did end up visiting St. John’s, the Anglican church that Google Maps claimed was a 5-minute walk from our house. It is in fact a 5-min walk, and Anglican, and I think it will be a lovely church home for … Continue reading »

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Sydney Harbour Timelapse Video at Sunset

I’ve always wanted to do a time-lapse video like this, but usually it requires camping out by your camera for a long time in one place which is often hard to do. But the patio of our apartment here in Sydney is perfect for this since I can leave my camera out there snapping away … Continue reading »

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On the Bright Side

Well the good news is: I am typing this from our apartment. And I’m not choking on cigarette smoke. We came back today, after leaving all the windows wide open for 48 hrs, after having the furniture and carpet steam cleaned, and after arming ourselves with an ionizer (air purifier). I was honestly pretty nervous … Continue reading »

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A quick update…and our view

I’ll leave it to Katie to fill you in on the details, but the quick update is that we finally moved into the apartment. After 48 hours of airing the place out (fortunately there are a lot of windows to allow for a good breeze), and some major steam cleaning (sofas, pillows, both mattresses, and … Continue reading »

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The First Weekend

We’re here! We landed in Sydney about 10 am on Friday morning. We were able to find a taxi with a car seat pretty easily (apparently lots of taxis here have one). The weather was beautiful – sunny and clear, although the days are noticeably shorter than what we’ve been used to lately (since it is after all … Continue reading »

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