A quick update…and our view

Posted by on August 10, 2011

I’ll leave it to Katie to fill you in on the details, but the quick update is that we finally moved into the apartment. After 48 hours of airing the place out (fortunately there are a lot of windows to allow for a good breeze), and some major steam cleaning (sofas, pillows, both mattresses, and the carpet for the second time), the place doesn’t smell like smoke. At least not much. There’s a little lingering smell, but we’re hoping our new ionizing air purifier can take care of that. So far it seems to be doing a good job. So it’s with great relief that we are now spending our first night in the apartment.

The main thing worth mentioning right now is the view from this place. I just took these photos a couple minutes ago and I still can’t believe this is the view from our living room.

On our way to the grocery store. Such a mundane view... :)

Our little girl enjoying King St. Wharf

5 Responses to A quick update…and our view

  1. Monica Romig Green

    So glad that you guys are finally able to occupy your apartment! Praying that these lovely views are just the beginning of the blessings you will all receive during your time in Sydney!

  2. Christie Lee

    Hi guys!
    Your view is amazing! How long are you going to be there? Must be a huge change going from summer heat to winter weather! Lots of love to you!

    • Katie

      Hi Christie! I’m bummed I didn’t see this comment til now. We’ll be here 3 months for Daniel’s job at scuba.com (they’re expanding here). Yes it was a big change going from hot summer to chilly winter, and long days to short. We’ll do it again when we come back, as it will be late spring down here when we leave, and we’ll get back at the start of CA winter. :( Oh well.

  3. Kelly

    WOW! That view is INCREDIBLE!!!! I’m so glad the apartment situation has worked itself out. It is so hard to arrive in a new country and have things set up fall thru. We had similar apt troubles when we arrived in in England and it was so hard!

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