Sydney Harbour Timelapse Video at Sunset

Posted by on August 15, 2011

I’ve always wanted to do a time-lapse video like this, but usually it requires camping out by your camera for a long time in one place which is often hard to do. But the patio of our apartment here in Sydney is perfect for this since I can leave my camera out there snapping away photos all afternoon while I do other things. This is my first attempt, but I know I’ll be doing more of this.

[vimeo clip_id="27684985" height="" width="650" title="0" byline="0" portrait="0"]

This timelapse video contains around 1,000 still photos taken with a Canon 5D Mark II merged in Quicktime 7, and final video was produced in Final Cut X.

3 Responses to Sydney Harbour Timelapse Video at Sunset

  1. Nem

    Daniel, That is sooo cool! Beautiful view!

  2. Lloyd Peckham

    Fantastic! You should present it to the Sydney or Australia tourism department. i remember learning to do this seat-racing, silly putty, papaya seedlings. Now this one is Amazing! Lovingly, Dad 8/16/2011

  3. Nana Takahashi

    You just get better all the time! Awesome, Daniel. Love, Mom

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