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Traveling Salesman, Minus Dwight & Michael

Part of my job here in Australia is sales, which I find somewhat amusing since that’s one of the things I thought I’d never do in my life. Fortunately I’ve watched The Office so I know how to do sales right. In fact, my first sales trip was a bit like an episode from that … Continue reading »

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The Farmer Wants a Wife

I have to confess that I like a little reality TV in my life. I’m not talking about most of the shows ¬†out there¬†that might come to mind first, consumed with backbiting and stealing other people’s boyfriends. I honestly don’t even know the names of most of those shows, or what happens in them, because … Continue reading »

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Grocery Delivery Service Saves Woman’s Life

…Or at least my sanity. Some of the gals I’ve been getting to know at church were a bit taken aback to realize we have no car here, and one of the first questions I kept hearing was, How do you get your groceries? This made me feel a bit better about the struggle I’d … Continue reading »

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The Blue Mountains

Early Friday morning we took a train 2 hours west into the Blue Mountains (I keep having to correct myself on it being west, not east, since I’m so used to living on the west coast where you always go east to get to mountains). Part of Australia’s Great Dividing Range, the Blue Mountains actually … Continue reading »

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Lavender Bay

Last week Daniel had to get up reeeeeally early for an online business meeting (it started at 4 am. Yeah.) It was supposed to go for several hours, so once Naomi was awake and we’d eaten breakfast I got us out of the house. We walked to nearby Lavender Bay, which is two towns east … Continue reading »

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General Update on Us

Little peeks into what each of us has been up to lately: Naomi 1. Is coloring. We are finally to the point where the crayons are scribbling on the paper a bit more often than they are being pulled out of her mouth by a parent. Slow but sure. 2. Is the only member of … Continue reading »

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National Wattle Day

So it turns out that Daniel scored big-time by coming to Australia for September. Not only did he get Father’s Day in June in the US, he’ll get a second Father’s Day this Sunday in Australia. And 3 days before that, September 1, is National Wattle Day. What? We’ve been looking into it online for … Continue reading »

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